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Points to Remember While Returning Super Cars for Rent Nashville

After you have had a great memorable trip with your rental car, you are now all set to return the super car for rent Nashville. You need to check some items off your checklist and then return the super car you took for rent. Below we have highlighted the things that are important for you before dropping off and after dropping off your super car for rent Nashville.

Pointers to Look Out for Before Dropping Off

Before you drop off your rental car you should ensure that it is neat and clean. Companies do not mind if there is a little wear and tear or some dirt, but if the car is excessively dirty, then they might charge extra. This extra cleaning fee will be on top of the rent of the car. It will be more cost-effective if you clean it before returning rather than paying extra cleaning charges.

  • While returning your super car for rent Nashville, you need to check the business hours of the car rental company. Some companies do not charge extra if you return after the business hours. However, some companies might charge you extra for returning the rental car later than the business hours.
  • Fuel: Most policies require you to return the car with a gas tank that is full. In case your plan is different, then you might nor be required to return the car with full gas tank otherwise, you will have to. In case you return the car without a full gas tank, you will have to pay the price of fuel for refilling. It is recommended that you go to the gas station which is nearest to the rental company’s premise and bring back the receipt with you.
  • Verify the procedure of returning the car: if you have chosen to drop-off the car by yourself, check where you have to drop the keys. Ensure that the facility where you are dropping off the car is safe. Your rental agreement will consist of all such details.

Pointers to Look Out While Dropping Off

  • Arrive on time: for the drop-off time, refer to the rental agreement. Just like the pickup, be sure to be on time for your appointment. If you know you’ll be late or want to extend the rental period by a day or two, call the automobile rental company. Most of the time, car rental companies offer a grace period for late returns. This grace period typically lasts for 29 minutes. However, the company determines how long it lasts, and it is stated in the Terms and Conditions.
  • Take pictures of the rental car’s condition before returning it. Many clients receive invoices for small dings that they were unaware of. Take a picture of dents and other issues. Then request a member of the rental company to inspect the vehicle with you. Obtain a final report and receipt before you leave to ensure that you are not held responsible for unreported damage. Take more pictures after you’ve returned the car to show how the inside and outside of the rented automobile are maintained. Additionally, take a picture of the mileage.
  • Some car-rental companies can urge you to take pictures of the vehicle’s condition before returning it. Use the check-in and check-out photos if there is a dispute.
  • Check the car for your belongings. If you are using a rental car to get around, you probably have some personal items stashed in the center console or glove box. Before returning the car, do a sweep-through and look in all the places where you might be forgetting things. Some of the items that are frequently left behind are sunglasses, charging cables, and small electronics. Any excess items that you took from the rental company, like a GPS satnav, should be personally returned back to the rental desk.
  • If you are returning the rental car after hours or on the weekend, make sure it is in a secure location. The terms and conditions state that the renter is responsible for the rental vehicle until the staff inspects it the next business day. In practice, this implies that when returning the rental car after business hours, you must park it in a safe area (such as a parking lot watched over by CCTV cameras).
  • Last but not least, remember to check the final bill and return the rental car keys as well as any additional equipment. The car’s paperwork may need to be returned to some businesses, while others advise leaving it in the glove box. The leasing agreement contains these specifics that you should abide by.
  • Verify again that the price on the final bill is the same as what you were quoted. Check your final invoice for any additional charges that might be added. In case of any discrepancy make sure you contact the rental company as soon as possible.


We hope this rental car return guide was helpful. We at SunTime Exotic Car Rentals Nashville are here for your assistance at all times. If you think there is any discrepancy or extra charges that should not be charges you can easily contact us through our website, WhatsApp number available on our website, or through our social media.

Our customer support team is readily available to take your queries and answer them in the best possible way. You can contact them to understand the agreement before renting or regarding any charges after returning the super car for rent Nashville.

We are constantly working to make sure your experience with our company is great and you do not have to go through any troubles. Our team is there to ensure that you go through a smooth renting process.

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